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Monthly ViSight PDF report

1. I have received notification email/sms about TM ViSight Portal for Tollfree ViSight Report. Would you tell me more about it?
During pre-launching of the TM ViSight Portal, notification email and sms served as a reminder to inform you that Monthly ViSight report in PDF will no longer be sent to your email in box and you are advised to log on to TM ViSight Portal to retrieve your monthly ViSight report at

2. Would you please guide me for TM ViSight Portal registration?
Please call us at no charge on 1800 888 CTS (287) and our customer service team will assist you.

3. Would you help me to register to TM ViSight Portal on my behalf?
No. For security reasons we are unable to register your account on your behalf. However, we can assist to guide you for registration. Please contact us free of charge on 1800 888 CTS (287) for assistance.

4. May I know why we need to use TM ViSight Portal and not you are no longer sending via email?
As part of our commitment to improve and enhance our service delivery the portal enables you to access your information from anywhere, anytime with internet access.
The flexibility in TM ViSight Portal allows us to deliver daily information for premier customer (please click here to upgrade your subscription).

5. Can I choose to receive monthly ViSight Report via email instead of online?
No. All monthly ViSight Reports are retrievable through TM ViSight Portal only.

6. Is there additional cost to retrieve our monthly reports through TM ViSight Portal?
All new and existing subscribers to TM TollFree with ViSight are eligible to retrieve the monthly ViSight reports through the portal at no cost. If you wish to receive information daily, there will be a monthly charge. Please call us free of charge on 1800 888 CTS (287) and our customer service team will assist you.

7. Do I need to create a User Name?
No. You do not need to create User Name. The system will automatically activate your email address as your User Name.

8. Can I change the User Name?
No. The User Name is permanent.

9. Is this secured?
Yes. It is International Standard Security with TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol.

10. What is the software requirement for TM ViSight Portal?
You will need Internet Browser to browse the portal. For example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. You also need Adobe Reader to open the monthly ViSight PDF report.

11. What is the password validity duration?
For security reason, your password needs to be renewed after 60 days. You will need to change the password before the expiry date.

12. What will happen if I do not change the password upon expiry?
Access to the system will be denied. You may click "Login Problems?" at the front page for assistance or please contact 1800 888 CTS (287) for the assistance.

13. Is there any notification upon password expiry?
A notification message will be prompted a week before the password expiry upon login.

14. Can I save the monthly ViSight Report?
Yes, you can save the monthly ViSight Report to your computer.

15. Can I print the monthly ViSight Report?
Yes. You can print the monthly ViSight Report.

16. Can I retrieve the monthly ViSight Report immediately upon registration of TM Tollfree ViSight Portal?
Existing user will be able to retrieve subscripted latest 3 months monthly ViSight report for the respective lines upon registration to the portal. For new Tollfree Subscribers you will only be able to retrieve the monthly ViSight report at the month end. The report will be available before the 8th of the following month. (Example, if user sign up for Tollfree with ViSight report on 15th May 2012, the May 2012 monthly ViSight report will be available on or before 8th June 2012.)

17. Does the TM Tollfree ViSight Portal allow multiple users to share the same User Name and Password to access our ViSight Report at the same time?
No. Only 1 person can access to TM ViSight Portal with one User Name. Please register additional users by contacting us.

18. Is there any limitation for the number for Subscribers from our Company?
There is no limit for the number of Subscribers. (Subject to change.)

19. Is there any additional charge for additional subscribers?
No, there is no additional charge for additional subscribers to access. (Subject to change.)

20. How do I request for additional Subscribers?
Please have the authorized person to email the new subscriber detail as below to
  • Name:
  • Title:
  • Designation:
  • Department:
  • Email:
  • DID:
  • Mobile:
21. May I send enquiry via TM ViSight Portal?
Yes, you may send your enquiry through the portal by clicking on "Contact Us". Alternatively you may email us at or call us at 1800 888 CTS (287).

22. Will you notify us via email or SMS when the monthly ViSight Reports are available?
Yes, a notification email and SMS will be sent to registered subscribers.

23. How long is the monthly ViSight Report will be stored on TM ViSight Portal?
Latest 3 months ViSight Report will be stored on the portal.

24. Can I retrieve ViSight Reports older than 3 months through TM ViSight Portal?
No. However, you may request for the report by sending an email to us at  or contact us at 1800 888 CTS (287) for assistance.

Premier Access

1. Can I receive the report by daily? 
Yes, you may upgrade your subscription to Premier Access to be able to view daily information through the TM ViSight Portal. A monthly Premier Access subscription fee will be applied. Please click "Upgrade Now!" to proceed to upgrade or contact us at 1800 888 CTS (287).

2. What is the difference between Portal Access and Premier Access on the TM ViSight Portal?
Portal Access enables subscribers to access to their Monthly ViSight Report in PDF format. Premier Access enables subscribers to retrieve their monthly ViSight report and view premier information on a daily basis with the most updated information.

3. What's the benefit of Premier Access?
Premier Access provides reports that will assist managers with your organization to to expedite decision making and planning. The updated information, enables a subscriber to save cost, enhance effectiveness when utiliising allocated budget, staff resources and facilities, improving productivity and more. Please speak to our customer service at 1800 888 CTS (287) for more information or contact your account manager.

4. What TM ViSight Reports are available with Premier Access?
  • Exchange Area Summary, 
  • State Region Summary, 
  • Short Calls, 
  • Time of Day, 
  • Top Views, 
  • Answerpoint Summary 
  • and Missed Calls.
5. How many months' data can I retrieve from the Premier Access?
You may retrieve information up to latest 3 months and most recent data will be available at 8:00am everyday.

6. If I am running a campaign, can I select particular date range to understand the call activities?
Yes, you may select any date range by selecting "Select Range" and choose the start and end date from the calendar then click "Display Report".

7. Can I select a particular day to understand the call activities?
Yes, you may select the date range by selecting "Select Range" and choose the start and end date from the calendar to the same date then click "Display Report" or you may just select "Yesterday" from range to see the most up-to-date information..

8. Can I view the report for another TollFree line without logging out?
Yes. If you are subscriber to the particular TollFree lines, you may select the TollFree number from "Line" and click "Display Report" to view the information without signing out.

9. Can I save and print the reports?
Yes, you may save the reports in PDF format and print the reports.

10. Can I subscribe for Premier Access for new TollFree?
Yes, you may add as many lines as you require within your Premier subscription. A standard monthly subscription fee per line will be applied.

11. Can I add more users to access the Premier Access Reporting?
Yes, you may add more users to access the Premier Reporting up to 5 users per line.

12. Can I terminate the Premier Access but remain subscribing to the Normal Access?
Yes, you may. However early termination will incur a penalty for the remaining monthly fee. 

13. Who can I speak to if I require assistance on Premier Access Reporting?
You may call us free of charge on 1800 888 CTS (287) or email us at or contact your account manager

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